Cancer is the #1 cause of line-of-duty death for firefighters. You can be 10x more likely to survive cancer if you detect it early.

Learn to recognize early symptoms of cancer with easy on-the-go lifesaving courses.

Source: American Cancer Society 5-year SEER data (based on people diagnosed between 2010-2016)

Watch Jason Patton at FDNY training academy

40% of us will receive a cancer diagnosis in our lifetime…

and firefighters have a 9% higher risk.

The micro courses average
less than 8.5 minutes

3 Steps Detect

Help Save Your Own Life

Know Your Great

Size up your energy level, sleep patterns, weight, skin, and bathroom habits. Get to know how you feel when you feel great.

Use the 2-Week Rule

If changes in your great health last longer than2 weeks, it's time to call your doctor.

Share with Your Doctor

Report health changes to your doctor. Advocate for yourself because you know your body best.

First-Response Thinking and Lifesaving Early Cancer Detection Training

Firefighters know the importance of training for high-risk, low-frequency events. Train for high-frequency, high-risk cancer events.

Just Like A Fire, Response Time Matters.

Catch Cancer Early to Prevent Spread.

DetecTogether travels to many Northeast locations at no cost to your department. Training can take place over several sessions to reach everyone on shift. We can also teach virtually and during large group meetings.

FREE In-Station Poster Kit

Our posters are designed to hang in your firehouse to remind your crew to pay attention to early symptoms of cancer and self-advocate for the timely medical attention they need. 


Program support also provided by EMW-2021-FP-00573

What Fire Professionals Are Saying About Our Training

“Early detection is an area where the fire service lags in education. Knowing when to seek medical attention and how to work with our doctors is something we need to learn. DetecTogether has helped the FDNY bridge this gap.”
Frank Leeb
FDNY Deputy Assistant Chief, Chief of the Fire Academy
“DetecTogether teaches firefighters to recognize early warning signs of cancer, when to seek medical attention, and how to advocate for themselves within the medical system.”
Kathy Crosby-Bell
Founder of the Last Call Foundation


As a nonprofit, we rely on the generosity of donors to bring lifesaving training to first responders.


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